Google Responsive Display Ads

The cheatsheet guide for creating responsive display ads

Responsive Display Ads is a highly flexible banner/display ad format. Responsive Display Ads are connected with the Google Display Network, which consists of millions of websites in all kinds of industries across the whole internet. By analyzing the words and the contents in your ads, Google will find the most relevant websites to place your ads.

Here's how to create them:

  • Go to your campaigns
  • Click "Create campaign"
  • Name the campaign
  • Click "create ad"
  • Select "Responsive ad"
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  • Add the URL/landing page you want to advertise.
  • Upload a minimum of 2 images.
    • The images need to be able to fit on both wide and rectangular ad placements.
  • Write multiple headlines; minimum 3 versions.
  • Write multiple descriptions; minimum 2 versions.
  • Add your Business Name.
  • Choose a suitable call to action; "learn more" for instance.

The algorithms will automatically test which headlines and descriptions works best. That is why we recommend to add multiple headlines/descriptions. We will serve the best combination to different users based on interest and relevance.