Google Responsive Search Ads

Here's How To Create Google Responsive Search Ads & How It Works


This format allows you to create up to 15 different headlines and 4 descriptions in the same individual ad. The reason for this is because we will automatically test different combinations to find the best-performing headline/description.

In other words, instead of creating 10 search ads, you can create 1 search ad with 10 headlines.

The more headlines and descriptions you write in a single ad, the easier it is for the algorithms to serve the ads that match your potential customers’ search queries.

  1. Go to your campaigns
  2. Click "create campaign"
  3. Name the Campaign
  4. Click "create ad"
  5. Select "Google Search"
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  6. Add the URL you want to advertise.
  7. Display Path: This is used to tell what the audience can expect when clicking on your link.
  8. Write a minimum of 3 headlines and 2 descriptions. The more, the better. We recommend to fill out all 15 headlines and 4 descriptions for Google to have more to work with. 
  9. Sitelink extensions: This can increase clicks by making your ad bigger and serving more relevant links. Add subcategories or main pages you want to advertise here.
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  10. Callouts: This is simply short and sweet selling points such as "24/7 support" etc.

P.S: There's a maximum limit of 3 Google Responsive Search Ads per campaign. Reason for this is because this format enables you to create 15 different headlines and 4 descriptions. Google will then automatically find the best combination.