How to create a Facebook Carousel Ad

A quick guide on how to create and run Facebook ads like a pro.

Creating a Facebook Carousel ad in Adline is actually pretty easy. Here's how you do it.

  • Go to your campaigns
  • Click "create campaign"
  • Select ad category if you are creating an ad related to credit, employment or housing. If not, press "no".
    Skjermbilde 2022-08-17 kl. 13.01.15
  • Click "create ad"
  • Select "Facebook Carousel"
    Skjermbilde 2022-08-17 kl. 13.39.29
  • Upload the images or videos you want to use.
  • Enter a headline, description and a page URL to the carousel cards
    Skjermbilde 2022-08-17 kl. 13.40.32
  • Click "Add slide" if you want to add carousel cards.
  • Enter your introductory text in the description box. Write something that people understand and your target market finds interesting.
  • Add a link to a relevant landing page. Very often it’s not the home page.
  • Select a "Call to action" - like "Apply now" or "Contact us".
  • Press "Save" and you will have a great Facebook carousel ad ready to go!

Now, you try :)