How To Register & Manage Clients

This article will walk you through how to register new clients under your agency account, and how to manage your client accounts.

You can watch the video below, but we highly recommend you to read this article as well. 

If you're an agency you can ask Adline Support to upgrade your account to Agency Account. Here's how to register, setup and manage your clients in Adline.

1. Go to Agency Settings on your menu.

In Agency Settings, Copy the "Sign up link" and paste it into a new incognito window. (P:S: You can't be logged into your account while creating client account in the same browser.)

2. Register your client via this sign up link.

This sign up link will allow your client to be "underneath" your agency account. Register your client account preferably with the client's own email address. Ask the client to confirm their email.

3. Help the client install the Adline Script on their website.

You can either help them install the script or ask Adline Support to help us do it for your client.

4. Your client are registered.

Now, when your client is registered and has installed the script, you can log in (or go back) to your Agency Account. You're now able to see your client(s) listed under "Users" in your account.

5. Log in to your client's account via your agency account.

You do now have access to all clients from your account. All new clients will be listed under "Users", and you can log in via the button to the right – "Login". To get back to your Agency Account, you'll have to log out of the client account and into your agency account.

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