How To Create Sub-Accounts For Your Agency (Master Account)

Do you have multiple brands, subdomains or clients you're working with? In Adline, you can easily manage sub-accounts from your primary account.

What's important to remember is that each account should have its own domain and email address. So be sure to add the correct one to your main agency/company account. 

Step 1: Create Your Own Adline Account First;

  1. If you don't have an account yet already, create your Adline account here 👉
  2. Use your primary company domain and email.
  3. Verify your email and complete your account set up.
  4. Reach out to and ask to upgrade to Agency Account (Growth Account $159/mo required).

Adline will now upgrade your account to an agency account.

Step 2: Create Your First Sub-Accounts By Following These Steps;

  • 1) Go to Sub-Accounts in the top right-hand menu. This option is visible for agency accounts only.
  • 2) Click on "Add Sub Account" and fill in the company details (client info, brand info etc.) for your sub-account;


  • 3) Click DONE and you should be able to access your sub-account.
  • 4) You can navigate across your sub-accounts from the sub-account page by clicking "Login".


  • 5) Navigate back to your main account by clicking "Back to Main Account".

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Special Pricing for Sub-Accounts:

Master Account: $159/mo

Sub-Accounts: +$29/mo


Contact for any questions.