Maximize Clicks vs. Maximize Conversions

When it comes to running successful advertising campaigns, understanding the nuances between campaign objectives is crucial.

Let's dive into the key differences between Maximize Conversions and Maximize Clicks, helping you make informed decisions for your advertising strategy.


1. Maximize Clicks:

Maximize Clicks is a recommended strategy for small and medium-sized businesses aiming to boost website traffic efficiently. By selecting this objective, advertisers set a maximum bid amount, ensuring they receive the maximum number of clicks within their specified budget.

Example: Imagine you've opened a new health/fitness studio or launched a new online course seeking to increase website visits to showcase your new studio. Choosing Maximize Clicks would help you generate the highest possible click-through rate, driving potential customers to explore your offerings.

When to Use Maximize Clicks:

  • Ideal for new campaigns to gauge keyword performance and discover search quality.
  • Effective after campaigns have been paused for 30 days or longer, serving as a restart strategy to boost your data.

2. Maximize Conversions:

Maximize Conversions, on the other hand, aims to achieve the highest volume of conversions within a set budget. This strategy utilizes conversion data, focusing on attracting users who resemble those who have previously converted on your website.

Example: Consider you are a yoga studio aiming to increase new memberships. Opting for Maximize Conversions would prioritize reaching users more likely to make a purchase based on their similarity to your existing customer base.

When to Use Maximize Conversions:

  • Best suited for businesses prioritizing increased conversion volume.
  • Requires a flexible budget and a healthy amount of previous conversions for optimal machine learning optimization.

Key Differences:

  • Goal Orientation:

    • Maximize Clicks: Emphasis on driving the highest number of clicks within the budget.
    • Maximize Conversions: Focus on achieving the maximum number of conversions, potentially sacrificing click volume.
  • Budget Consideration:

    • Maximize Clicks: Ensures maximum click traffic, irrespective of conversion cost.
    • Maximize Conversions: Prioritizes conversions but may lead to a higher cost per click; budget flexibility is essential. You should have the flexibility to spend anywhere from $50 to $150 and more per day.
  • Strategy Evolution:

    • Start with Maximize Clicks for new campaigns or after a longer pause with not running any ads.
    • Transition to Maximize Conversions once sufficient conversion data is available, optimizing for better results. Use this when you want to scale more aggressively.

How to Adjust Bid Strategy on

  1. Navigate to your campaign.
  2. Find the "Optimization Goal" section and click the Edit icon.
  3. Choose between Maximize Clicks or Maximize Conversions based on your campaign goals.

One unique advantage of using is the ability to apply these campaign objectives seamlessly across Meta (Facebook & Instagram) and Google Ads within a single multichannel campaign.

This integrated approach simplifies your advertising efforts and ensures a consistent strategy across platforms.