Media Wallet: How Do The Payments Work?

This article explains our Media Wallet system, and how we charge for ad spend etc.

Adline charges ad spend on a weekly basis in advance. I.e. if you select $20/daily budget, you will be charged $140, which will be "On hold" for the active campaign you started. If you stop the campaign before we've managed to spend the on hold, it will go to your balance.

Your media spending and balance are listed in the Orders section (here). The balance might not be the difference between Total Paid Advertising and Total Spent Advertising due to campaigns having reserved a media spending budget for active campaigns that are currently running.


  • Total paid advertising: The total amount you've been charged from your credit card. When we charge your credit card, it either goes to "On hold amount" or to the balance.
  • Total spent advertising: Total actual spending on the channels. Total spent advertising might differ from total paid because it first goes to "On hold"…
  • On hold amount for active campaigns: This is the amount reserved for the campaigns that are running today. The on-hold amount is often equal to the number of campaigns you have running times the daily spend times a week. 
    • Example: 4 campaigns x $30/daily x 7 days = $840
  • Your advertising balance: When you stop an active campaign, you'll see that some ad spend that was "On hold" will be transferred to your balance. 

If you have 4 active campaigns running at $30/daily, as in the example above, you'll be charged $210 four times per week (7 days after the campaign start date).

Here's an example of what your Orders page might look like if you have campaigns that "Run continuously":