Funnel search options

What is URL starts with, Exact match and Simple match?

To get the right pages in your funnel, you have three options:

1. URL Starts with

2. Exact match

3. Simple match


URL Starts with

If you want all pages that start with a URL, all URLs after this will be included. 

For example:

1. URL starts with:  then all pages starting with this URL will be included.

2. URL starts with:, then all pages starting with this URL will be included. Like both URLs,,, etc. All of these will be included. Traffic to will not be included.


Exact match

Only URLs that match exactly will be included.

For example:

The URL, only traffic that matches exactly this URL will be included, not traffic to pages like, etc.


Simple match

Sometimes there is added information after the URL when the traffic comes from another source. Like advertising campaigns, email, etc. It is usually when using UTM parameters to track where the traffic comes from.

A URL can then be like this:

Yes it is long:)

If you select as "Exact match" it will not include the traffic from the URL above.

If you select "simple match" all URLs starting with "?" will be included.