When will my ads become active?

Your campaign is ready, what now? Will I see some results anytime soon?

When you have activated your campaign it will be sent to our team for approval. Adline has certain quality standards that have to be met when creating ads. We follow the quality guidelines and advertising policies made by Google, Facebook and LinkedIn, as well as our own advertising standards.

When your campaign gets approved by us it will be sent to your selected advertising channel for another review.  

According to Facebook, Most ads are reviewed within 24 hours, although in some cases it may take longer. The ad platform clarifies longer review times if you've recently made changes to targeting, creative or optimization.

According to Google, most ads are reviewed within 1 business day. However, some reviews take longer if the ad requires a more complex review. 

You will start to see some results on your campaign normally after 1-2 business days. 

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