How to Create a Multichannel Campaign (Step-By-Step)

The ultimate guide to creating a targeted advertising campaign that works.


One of the beauties with Adline, is that you can both create and publish ads across multiple channels – all in one place. With our Creative Studio you can build compelling Google search ads, responsive banner ads, Facebook & Instagram ads.

Here's how to create a campaign – step-by-step:

  1. Go to Campaigns
  2. Click "Create campaign" and write a name
  3. Select demographics & keywords
    1. Add a location: Don't go too broad. The bigger the area, the higher your budget should be.
    2. Age and gender: Leave open if you want the algorithm to optimize it.
    3. Select keywords & interest groups: Here's another help guide about it.
  4. Choose a budget
    1. You can choose between a daily budget or a lifetime budget. If you choose $15 on daily budget, we will deduct $15 x 7 days ($105). For Lifetime budget, you will be deducted for the whole period – budget times number of days. The budget will be allocated across multiple channels. Our algorithms will optimize the budget for you.
  5. Connect your Facebook Page
    1. Remember to accept the Request on your Facebook Page Settings.

Start the campaign

When you've created ads, connected your Facebook page, chosen your audience and the budget, you can click "START CAMPAIGN". Adline will now optimize your ads, test audiences, find the best creative/audience combination and allocate the budget across channels and specific ads.

P.S: The more advertising data Adline collects, the better your campaigns will perform. Be patient and let Adline optimize your campaigns.