Getting Started Checklist

From setting up your account to creating your first campaign, we’ve mapped out your first action items in Adline below to help you get up and running. Don’t have an account yet? Sign up for a free trial here!

Step 1: Install Tracking Script

The tracking script is like nutrition for our machine-learning – it's how we can make intelligent decisions. Here are the instructions for how to install the script.

READ: How To Install The Adline Tracking Script
DO: Copy the script and place it before the </header> tag

Step 2: Choose 3+ actions

Go to Manage actions and choose at least three action points. These are like "custom events", and they tell us what conversions you want to generate.

READ: Select action events
DO: Go to Manage actions and select 3+ actions

Step 3: Create your first campaign

Create your first advertising campaign and build beautiful ads with our Creative Studio. It's packed with 1000+ images, templates, and figures. It's very easy.

READ: How to Create a Campaign
DO: Create your campaign

Step 4: Choose keywords & audiences

Give Adline a few keyword ideas and audience interests. This is connected to both Google Search and Facebook Audiences.

READ: Step 8 in How to Create a Campaign
DO: Go to campaign to add keywords & interests

Step 5: Connect Facebook Page

You need to connect your Facebook Page to Adline to start advertising.

READ: Connecting your Facebook Page
DO: Go to Campaign settings and Connect your page

Step 6: Advice

DO: Need more guidance? Schedule a 1-on-1 with our Support team for some help, tips, and tricks!

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